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✓ The sale of your apartment is timely

✓ You are the owner of the apartment

✓ You are ready to get in touch with 3-5 realtors

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Competing is the easiest way to start selling your home. Put brokers to compete for your listing and you will be sure to get the best deals. The service is completely free of charge and does not bind you to anything

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We work with and hundreds of agents. This will ensure that we find 3-5 best agents to compete for your listing

Terms of Service

Selling a home is timely, you are the owner of the home and you are ready to get in touch with 3-5 brokers

What our Customers say

By comparing different property broker, it is easy for the seller to decide about the price which suits the best for the seller or owners. The chosen property broker will give the best estimation price of our properties and the suitable % commission which we think that it should be fine. The comparison of properties brokers will bring the owner the full picture of how much the price of the properties will cost at the highest and lowest lever.

Tran, Vantaa

I got three offers very fast and asked everyone for a rating visit. One of them convinced me overwhelmingly. I'm satisfied. When realtors know that other realtors are also competing of the listing, I feel they have to be really accurate and honest in their estimates. This feels good, honest and working service. Thank you!

Päivi, Helsinki

Customers ranked us 4.8



Multiple proposals from top agents. You pick the best one.

The best selected Agents will contact you and give you their offers. Compare prices and service and choose the agent that suits you.

Terms of the broker comparison


The Salaovi service compares you with the Real Estate Agents (LPs) in your area that meet our criteria, completely free of charge. Selected brokers will contact you for the best competitive quote from everyone. The only condition for starting a bidding process is that you are about to start selling your apartment shortly. You will then be left with the task of choosing the one that suits you best. The competition is not binding on you and is absolutely free!


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